On this page we present our males. This are both males that owns and lives with us but also males that has passed the rainbowbridge, that are retired, that we co-own or are own by others but will still be a part in our breedingprogram. We also keep our retierd males on the page so its possible to read about them. Please contact us to know more about them.



In memoriam CH BIS BISS Caliquin's Center Ice



MultiBIS MultiCH MultiW Northbay´s Rock on Summit

#3 showdog in Sweden (all-breed)

#4 showdog in Denmark (all-breed)



BISP SE JW-15 Östra Greda Sex on the Beach



Caliquin´s True Grit at Ostra Greda (co-owned)


RBIS CH Ninebark Wish Come True (co-owned)


MultiBISp EUPW-15 Ninebark Second Wish