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 20170728 We have forgotten to brag about Hops (BiSp BIS NOJW-16 HEJW-16 HEW-16 FINJW-16 Northbay Kraftbrewd At Xsell) last groupwin at Norrköping International Dogshow with 11 000 dogs entered the whole weekend!

We are so happy and proud! Groupjudge was breederjudge Tim Thomas, thank You for recognicing our young boy.

Thank You Jenny Hall for showing him like You do and to Jocke for coaching the team.

We so thankful to Gisslén&Fischer's Yumega, Plush Puppy and Botanicas products as well Royal Canin dogfood - You are a huge part in our success keeping our dogs in a perfect condition, all year around. Amazing!

Thank You Heather, Heather and Jodi for letting Hops come to us.

20170723 This weekend we had mentaltest for our puppies (now not puppies anymore ;-) ), it was great to see them and their owners again. Thank You all for coming!

20170703 Ariel (from the Amiie*Jagger-litter) won BOS at the Specialityshow! Huge congratulations to owner Therese Kedfors.

20170625 Gucci (ISCH Östra Greda Guccio Gucci) is now Icelandic champion! Congratulations to owner Svava and Krissi on Iceland.

20170616 (SphI Lp1 BH Östra Greda Valentino) and his great owner mix IPO with obediance (new class 2), tracking and show. And they do it with style!

20170611 Jagger does a small come-back inte showring and ends up as BIS-2!